1.LovExtension Food Bag Packing, 2.Smiles for Veterans,
3.Food Drives,
4.St Theresa's Pantry,
5.St Theresa's Homeless Help,  6.Health Start Diapers
7.Lazarus Clinic Scans& Exams,
8.Harbour View Tutoring,
9.HV Teacher Support,
10.HV Trunk n Treat,
11.HV Emergency Clothing,
12.HV Dolphin Dollar Store,
13.HV Angel Tree,
14.HV Santa Photos,
15.HV Books, 
16.Forward Paths Homeless Youth Kits,
17.Forward Path Pantry, 
18.Patriot Service Dogs
19.Rotary Rebaters,
20.Hands On Christmas Box, 21.Hands On Cancer Care Bags, 22.International Shelter Box, 23.International Dominican Republic Literacy,
24.International Haiti Wells
25. End Polio Now campaign

Some of our projects are out in the community and some are done at our meetings as a Hands On opportunity.


Rotarian Liaison: Gay Davidson

Smiles For Veterans

Rotarian Liaison: Jim Bodenner, Dusty Rhodes, Kat Sizemore

Harbour View Elementary

Rotarian Liaison: Sue Bodenner
Tutors for Kids: Martha Friedman
Tutors for Kids Books:Kate Tapia
5th Grade Volunteer: Tim Treat

St. Theresa's Impact Fund

Rotarian Liaison: Julie Schmied

Bridge the Gap
Lazarus Free Medical

Rotarian Liaison: Julie Schmied

Forward Paths

Rotarian Liaison: Kat Sizemore

Rotary Rebaters

Rotarian Liaison: Sue Bodenner

Patriot Service Dogs

Rotarian Liaison Gay Ratcliff Seamans

Hands On Projects

Rotary Liaison: Pat Roam


1. Medicine bottles without labels
2. clear plastic newspaper bags
3. Sunday coupon inserts
4. toothbrushes
5. travel size personal care


Rotary Liaison: Cindy Ivy