A LABYRINTH Expert Presented....


As a precursor to our upcoming fundraiser in March 0f 2023, our guest speaker was Frank Faine who is a spiritual director, Veri ditas-trained labyrinth facilitator, and retreat leader. His work centers on companioning, healing, and teaching through spiritual direction, labyrinth walks, and retreats for all persons, organizations, and communities on their journey to embrace life affirming spiritual paths. Frank is also a former Rotarian.

The labyrinth is a single, spiraling path that leads to a central path. You walk the same path back out to return to the beginning. Unlike a maze, there are no tricks or dead ends. The labyrinth is often referred to as an archetypal image as it emerged in different cultures over 4000 years ago and is thought of as a mirror or metaphor for the spiritual journey and the evolutionary spiral of life. It has a sacred energy that can transform people. Labyrinths can be found in every country and every religion throughout the world.

There are three stages to walk a labyrinth. The Walk to the Center – Releasing, Letting Go During this phase you release or let go or whatever you need to and those things that which are no longer serving you or others. At the Center – Receiving The center is a place of meditation and prayer. It is a place to pause for awhile and be open to receiving whatever you need. It is a place of listening and sensing what needs or wants or wants to emerge within you or within a situation or issue you are reflecting on. The Walk Back – Return & Remember We crystalize the insight or idea and return to the world renewed and empowered. The return path helps us begin to integrate these wisdoms into our lives.

“I always say the Labyrinth meets you wherever you are on your path. Believe that and it isn’t much of a stretch to then say, the Labyrinth will take you wherever you need to go, or perhaps wherever it needs you to go.”
Helen Curry